Don’t Be an April Fool: Backup Your Data!

Don’t Be an April Fool: Backup Your Data!

113 mobile phones are stolen or lost in the U.S. every minute, yet researchers found that 30% of people have never backed up their data.

A backup means making a second copy of your important files such as photos, documents and videos. Doing so can help you preserve a copy of your files in the event that your phone is stolen or lost, your computer crashes or gets a virus, you become a victim of ransomware, or you accidentally delete a file. The founders of World Backup Day selected the date of March 31 deliberately: Back up your devices before it’s too late – and then you become the April fool.

But don’t wait for World Backup Day to secure your devices; do so on a regular basis so your files are always in a place where they can be accessed. A backup can take hours if you are trying to do mass amounts of files at once and keeping them backed up as they are created can eliminate that. You can even utilize software that backs up your data automatically.

There are multiple methods and available services for backing up devices:

An online backup service is the most effective method because it provides an entirely separate location to store your files. For example, if you back up your files to an external hard drive and your laptop is stolen along with your external hard drive, how are you supposed to access your backed-up files? If they are kept online, you can access them from anywhere.

Where should you start? Many technology providers offer step by step instructions for backing up a device:

A backup is your insurance policy against data loss and protects you from losing your personal and most precious memories. If you lost all your data today, could you recover it tomorrow? If not, it’s time to back it up!

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