MCC Digital: Public Charging Stations: A Convenience or a Cost?

MCC Digital: Public Charging Stations: A Convenience or a Cost?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and MedCareComplete has joined with NCSAM to increase Digital Awareness to our members. We’ve all been there; going about our day, busy with errands, work or even travel.  We left our charger at home, we are away from our automobiles and the phone is losing battery life fast.  Have you seen the latest convenience?  A public cell phone charger station!  What do you do?  You plug your device into the ‘energy tree’ and breathe a sigh of relief that you can continue on for a few more hours.  While the idea of a device charger point could fill a personal need; keep in mind the concerns coming to light within the following articles whenever your device is connected to one of these stations.

  1. To be aware of:
  1. Dangers:
  1. Solutions:
  • Turn off phone prior to connecting to an unknown power source
  • Try to keep your device fully charged
  • Try to carry a personal charger
  • Try to carry a backup battery

Stay tuned for more insights from MCC!  #CyberAware


  • By Phin Hall | Reply

    Quick & useful tips! Never thought about if I was plugging my phone into an outlet or a computer.

  • By Missy | Reply

    Great information – never thought about a possible computer getting my info through a charging station. Thanks for the tip!

  • By Sam F | Reply

    Cool tip thanks

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