MCC Financial: Helping Victims after Hurricane Matthew

MCC Financial: Helping Victims after Hurricane Matthew

One of the perks of being a member with MedCareComplete is that we search ways to protect your physical, financial and digital health.

In recent weather news, Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti, the Bahamas and parts of the US Southern East Coast.  The destruction images that were broadcast on various channels show us the horrible predicaments of our fellow brethren needing assistance.  Our heart strings are tugged and next thing we know, we sign up to give funds to a charity to help rebuild and support those in need.  But wait a second, how do you know which charities to give to?  We at MedCareComplete are driven to help keep you aware of potential financial and digital perils.  Our friend, Tom Lowry President of  GA Weath Advisors, LLC, interviewed with a local news station and provided some advice for us all to keep in mind when deciding to give to charity organizations.

  1.  Don’t be taken in by the emotion.
  2.  Take your time when deciding where you’ll donate.
  3.  Make sure you’re given to the right one.
  4.  Ask for a Form 990.
  5.  Do the math.

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