Safer Internet Day: Is Your Information Fully Protected?

Safer Internet Day: Is Your Information Fully Protected?


Kids are spending more time than ever on screen media and it only increases as they get older. However, kids aren’t the only ones who unknowingly create permanent online trails that could result in harm. People of all ages need to be aware of online dangers and how to handle certain situations.

In honor of Safer Internet Day, MedCareComplete vendor ID Watchdog lists several important rules to adopt to ensure safety online.

  1. Check privacy settings
  2. Create a safe screen name
  3. Train kids to recognize inappropriate online behavior by others
  4. Discuss the pervasive nature of information on the internet
  5. Practice the basics of cyber security
  6. Instill a healthy dose of skepticism
  7. Make a media contract
  8. Use parental control technology
  9. Recognize cyberbullying and take action
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